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What is  FormatCode Source Code Formatter ?

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FormatCodeSource Code Formatter - A professional, powerful, flexible, multi-language and easy-to-use source code formatter, code beautifier, code indenter and pretty printer for C, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET (VB DotNet), VB (Visual Basic), VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Delphi, Pascal, D Language, 80x86 Assembly (x86 Asm), 8051 Assembly (Asm51) programming languages.

With predefined style packages of FormatCode Code Formatter, you can quickly reformat your source code using one of existing code standards, or base your own favourite coding style. The graphical code formatting style customization panel of FormatCode source code formatter provides hundreds of individual coding style options to allow you define your favourite code formatting style easily and exactly.


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With FormatCode Source Code Formatter

  • Easily customize your favourite code formatting style as you like.

  • FormatCode code formatter uses powerful syntax parse engines to fully analyze source code and restructure them, so you can exactly control the formatting of code blocks indentation, variable arrangement, comments style and preprocessing directives whatever you want.

  • GUI coding style customizer to configure all code formatting settings.

  • FormatCode offers graphical interface code style customizer to allow you define your favourite code formatting with hundreds of stand-alone coding style options exactly and easily.

  • Hundreds of individual formatting options to easily standardize all source code of your team.

  • FormatCode source code formatter offers over 100 distinct code formatting style configuration options accessible through a graphical code style customization panel to let you exactly define your desired code formatting output for your development team.

  • Predefined style packages to quickly reformat your code using existing code standards.

  • FormatCode aims to support the widest range of coding styles so it prepackages the most common coding style standards for instant coding style transforming and source code standardization.

  • Integrate with the most popular IDEs, source editors and text editors.

  • FormatCode code formatters tightly integrate with the most popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), text editors and source editors. With formatting plugins and command line tool, you can easily format source code within your favourite IDEs and editors.

Download FormatCode Source Code Formatter to format and beautify all your code today!


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