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FormatCode is the professional source code formatter, code beautifier, code indenter, pretty printer and code cleaner for C, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET (VB DotNet), Visual Basic (VB), PHP, ASP, VBScript (VBS), JavaScript (JScript / Java Script), Delphi, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, 80x86 Assembly (x86 ASM) and 8051 Assembly (ASM51) programming languages.

Code Formatter

FormatCode source code formatters empower you to format and transform any foreign source code to meet your favourite coding style, or the preferred coding style standard of your development team and your company, or any common and popular code conventions easily and automatically.

Now you can preview these code formatting demo to know the obvious effect of FormatCode code formatter's syntax parse engines.

FormatCode Source Code Formatter Series Product List

FormatCode Series Code Formatters Description
  FormatCode C/C++ Code Formatter  For C and C++, supports Doxygen, CCDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode Java Code Formatter  For Java and fully supports JavaDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode C# Code Formatter  For C# and fully supports XML and NDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode VB Code Formatter  For Visual Basic and fully supports VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode VB.NET Code Formatter  For VB.NET and supports NDoc and VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode PHP Code Formatter  For PHP and fully supports PhpDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode ASP Code Formatter  For ASP, VBScript and JavaScript scripts.
  FormatCode VBScript Code Formatter  For VBScript and fully supports VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode JavaScript Code Formatter  For JavaScript and fully supports Doxygen Documentation.
  FormatCode Delphi Code Formatter  For Delphi and Pascal, supports DelphiDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode x86 Asm Code Formatter  For 80x86 and 8086 Assembly programming languages.
  FormatCode Asm51 Code Formatter  For 8051 Assembly and Asm51 programming languages.

What FormatCode can do for you:

  • Easily customize your personal favourite code formatting style as you like.

  • Graphical interface coding style customizer to configure all code formatting settings.

  • GUI code style customizer provides real-time preview configuration, what you see is what you get!

  • Hundreds of individual code formatting options to easily standardize all source code of your team.

  • Predefined coding style packages to quickly reformat your code using existing code standards.

  • Based on syntax parser engines so you can exactly control the appearance of your source code.

  • Intelligent alignment and sorting code blocks, intelligent line breaks, wrapping and combination.

  • Generate, indent, format and eliminate comments and JavaDoc Doxygen CCDoc documentations.

  • Integrates into IDEs & Code Editors tightly for handy code formatting within your favourite IDE.

  • Stand-alone command line tool for invoking from console and third-party editors.

With FormatCode Code Formatters, formatting all your source code to your favorite style is easy!


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