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What our customers are saying about FormatCode Code Formatter?

"I found your product, and I love it! The few files I ran it against converted very well, much more readable. I started with the 'MFC' formatting style, and tweaked it to closely match out coding style, and FormatCode C++ performed wonderfully."

"I really like your Java formatter, just what I need to standardize the code in my development teams!"

"FormatCode C++ is great! It's flexible, affordable, easy to use and fast, what more could I ask for? Thanks guys, great work!"

"Cool, works great. This has to be one of the most useful applications I have purchased."

"It works great! I really do like the product and am excited to start using it."

"Your tool is working great for me. I really like your program as it does everything!"

"I have been configuring FormatCode Delphi Formatter and it is working like a dream on our source files. Finally, all that legacy code looks exactly like I want it. I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service!"

"I would like to write here that I think that FormatCode really rocks. Beautification in my own style? Great job!"

"Thanks for the quick update and the great product! I've become very dependent on FormatCode over the last year."

"After evaluations over the weekend, decided to go with FormatCode C++ - it looks like the best on the market."

"I absolutely love FormatCode. I'm often working on ASP projects where existing scripts have to be modified that are terribly formatted. But FormatCode now saves me lots of hours, thank your company!"

"FormatCode is very nice. It really works! The best of all is probably inserting JavaDoc comments to each methods, saved me tons of time."

"I've been using FormatCode C++ regularly and now can't live without it. I'll be ordering site license soon. Thank you for permitting me to try it during this period, it's a great product."

"Thanks so much for the very quick response, and for the outstanding support. You are going to save us many meetings about our coidng style guidelines with your excellent application. Once again, thank you for an excellent product and support!"

"This software is great, it works, it does what I want it to do, what more could a C++/Java/PHP programmer ask for? Thanks for writing such a great software such as this!"

With FormatCode Code Formatters, you can format and transform any foreign source code to meet the preferred coding style of your team or any common code convention in several seconds!


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