FormatCode Main Features

FormatCode source code formatter can transform any foreign source code to meet your favourite coding style or any common code convention automatically and rapidly.

FormatCode code formatters have proven their functionality and stability worldwide and FormatCode's customers come from extensive fields including software development, web design, e-commerce, semi-conductor, aviation, automotive and educational institutions etc.

Code Formatter Features
Support 12 Languages

Support C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, PHP, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Delphi, Pascal, 80x86 Assembly and 8051 Assembly / Asm51 programming languages.

Format Single File & Directory

Format indivitual source code file or all source code files of destination directory easily and automatically.

GUI Coding Style Customizer

Graphical interface coding style customizer provides real-time preview configuration to set all code formatting settings.

Predefined Coding Style Packages

Predefined coding style packages to quickly reformat source code using existing coding standards or code convention.

Syntax Parser Engines

Based on syntax parser engines so you can exactly control the appearance of your source code.

Integration Features
Integrate with IDEs

Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, JCreator, Oracle JDeveloper, IntelliJ Idea, Delphi, Dev-C++ and other common Integrated Development Environments.

Integrate with Editors

UltraEdit, SlickEdit, TextPad, EditPlus, Crimson Editor, AnyEdit, Source Insight, EditPad Pro, ConText, EmEditor, EditPad.

Integrate with Explorer

Integrates tightly with Explorer just right click in Windows Explorer for quick formatting.

Command Line Tool

Stand-alone command line tool for invoking from console and third-party editors.

Code Editor Features
Syntax Highlighting

Customized colorful syntax highlighting provides a visual editor for showing the validity of different code components such as keywords and comments in different colors.

Line Number

Display line number clearly displays the edit position. Goto function can quickly jump to a certain line of source code files.

Auto Indent

Auto layout code formatting based on the context of code.

Bracket Location

Bracket location provides a visual clue to the scope covered by various bracket or brace combinations.


Insert bookmarks to frequently used positions of the source codes for quick position.

Download FormatCode Code Formatters Now! Formatting and transforming any code to meet the preferred coding style of your development team or any common code convention in a few seconds!


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