FormatCode Screenshots

GUI source style customizer

GUI coding style customizer to configure all code formatting settings as your favourite source style.

Advanced code editor

Advanced code editor provides color syntax highlighting, auto-text, virtually unlimited undo and redo, changed line markers, split-windows, bookmarks, block text select and bracket matching.

Application wizard

Application wizard helps you quickly accomplish common tasks, such as creating standard executable, static library, and dynamic library. The wizard will prompt you for answers when needed and guide you through a project or a task step by step.

Highlighted errors

With compiler output redirected to the FormatCode IDE, you can compile and highlight errors with a double-click.

CVS Support

CVS( Concurrent Versions System ) is a version control system that records the history of source files throughout development. Using CVS, you can easily retrieve old versions of source files to find bugs, retrieve deleted content, etc. FormatCode provides facilities for integrating CVS into the development environment.

IDEs & text editors integration

Integrate with the most common IDEs & text editors, such as Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Microsoft .NET 7, JCreator, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Oracle JDeveloper, Delphi, SlickEdit, UltraEdit, Editplus, TextPad, Crimson Editor, AnyEdit, Source Insight, EditPad Pro, ConText, etc...

Windows explorer integration

Integrate with Windows Explorer for quick formatting.

Variable value radix convertion support

You can change the display radix format of variables in the QuickWatch dialog box or in the Watch window using octal, decimal or hexadecimal etc.

With FormatCode Code Formatters, you can format and transform any foreign source code to meet the preferred coding style of your development team or any common code convention in several seconds!


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