Feedback & Report Bugs

Have you checked FormatCode FAQs and FormatCode Documentation first? If you think you have found a bug, please check FAQs and documentation before reporting any problems, thank you.

How to Report Problems?

Please report the bug to our support team with the following information:

1. The version number of FormatCode. You can determine this information using the "About FormatCode" command on the Help menu.

2. The version of operating system that you're using, such as Windows XP SP2, SCO OpenServer 5.05.

3. Any error messages that you got. Detailed description will be highly appreciated.

4. How to reproduce the problem. Detailed description will be highly appreciated.

5. If possible, you can send a sample code file, or the key part of it to us. We are concerned about your privacy so we MUST destroy your files after we finishing debug.

6. Please DO NOT send large attachments unless we ask you to. A screen dump can create a 2MB bitmap file, whereas the significant information may be represented in only 100 characters. Or you can convert bmp pictures to gif or jpg pictures, or compress them (zip, rar, tar or gz). Huge emails will be deleted automatically.