FormatCode License Types

There are 2 FormatCode license types for you to choose from:

Single-User License

This license is for individuals that need full use of the FormatCode products.

One single-user license of FormatCode can be installed on maximum of two computers owned or controlled by you, so long as it is only running on one system at any time, for commercial purposes or educational purposes, but in no event shall the Software be (1) used by any other person except you and (2) used on more than one computer at the same time.

Site License

This License provides unlimited usage for companies, organizations and sites. It entitles your enterprise to install FormatCode on the unlimited computers.

One site license of FormatCode can be installed on and processed by the server computer located inside your company or organization, and may be installed on and simultaneously processed by the unlimited workstations or personal computers at your company, organization or site without any restrictions.

Site License can be used for commercial purposes, non-commercial purposes, non-profit educational purposes, free software development or other purposes.