FormatCode Source Code Pretty Printer

FormatCode Source Code Pretty Printer - A powerful, flexible, multi-language and easy-to-use source code pretty printer for C/C++, Java, C#, VB (Visual Basic), VB.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Delphi, Pascal, 80x86 Assembly and Asm51 programming languages.

FormatCode Pretty Printer's predefined style packages let you to quickly pretty print your source code using an existing coding standard, or base your own favourite coding style. And FormatCode can be Integrated into IDEs and Text Editors then your can pretty print your source code within the most common IDEs and code editors.

FormatCode Source Code Pretty Printer aims to support the widest range of coding styles and offers over 800 distinct coding style configuration options accessible through a graphical customization panel to let you define your desired code pretty printing output.

   /* Before Code Pretty Printing */
   int foo(int k){if(k==11)printf("hello!\n");else printf("good bye!\n");}

   /* After Code Pretty Printing */
   int foo(int k)
     if (k == 11)
       printf("good bye!\n");

Please preview the  Source Code Pretty Printing Demo to know what dose FormatCode can do for you.

FormatCode Series Pretty Printers Description
  FormatCode C/C++ Pretty Printer  For C and C++, supports Doxygen, CCDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode Java Pretty Printer  For Java and fully supports JavaDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode C# Pretty Printer  For C# and fully supports XML and NDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode VB Pretty Printer  For Visual Basic and fully supports VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode VB.NET Pretty Printer  For VB.NET and supports NDoc and VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode PHP Pretty Printer  For PHP and fully supports PhpDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode ASP Pretty Printer  For ASP, VBScript and JavaScript scripts.
  FormatCode VBScript Pretty Printer  For VBScript and fully supports VBDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode JavaScript Pretty Printer  For JavaScript and fully supports Doxygen Documentation.
  FormatCode Delphi Pretty Printer  For Delphi and Pascal, supports DelphiDoc Documentation.
  FormatCode x86 Asm Pretty Printer  For 80x86 and 8086 Assembly programming languages.
  FormatCode Asm51 Pretty Printer  For 8051 Assembly and Asm51 programming languages.

FormatCodesource code pretty printer can automatically layout any external source code to meet your favourite coding style or any existed common code convention. It uses powerful syntax parse engines to entirely analyze your source code and rebuild them with user-defined coding styles, that's obvious reason why the code pretty printing effect of FormatCode pretty printers is perfect.

With FormatCode pretty printer, Source code can be well pretty printed and easy to read. However, often the coding style and presentation of source code is differ in thousands ways when developer's write them. Obviously, the properly pretty printed source code is much easier to understand, and much easier to modify and maintain in the future.

With FormatCode Pretty Printers, you can easily pretty print and transform any foreign source code to meet your preferred coding style, or any common code convention in a few seconds!


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