FormatCode Source Code Beautifier

FormatCode is a professional and versatile source code beautifier for dozens of common programming languages. It formats any programming languages source code that with different coding style to achieve the favourite coding style of individual developers and development team.

Code Beautifier

FormatCode source code beautifier supports most popular programming languages such as  CC++JavaC#VB (Visual Basic)VB.NETVBScriptJavaScriptPHPASPJSPDelphi / Pascal80x86 Assembly / x86 Asm  and  8051 Asm / Asm51 programming languages.

Here is the code formatting demo of FormatCode code beautifier to prove the obvious effect of FormatCode's powerful syntax parse engines.

 The Features of FormatCode Code Beautifier

  • Improves the readability of all source code of your development team.

  • Everyone's source code layout will always meet the preferred coding style standards by your development team(s) no matter a source code file was written by whom.

  • Increases the productivity of your development team.

  • All of you can concentrate on the coding and implementation issues, instead of spending time struggling with the different code styles. Developers may even write code in whatever style they prefer, beautifying and pretty printing it before they submit files to the project managers.

  • Accurately represents the logical structure of your source code.

  • That's the primary purpose of any source code beautifying. Indendation, white space, line wrapping, comments and documentations are used in a sensible way to show the structure of your source code exactly.

  • Easily customize the preferred code formatting style as you like.

  • Graphical interface coding style customizer provides real-time preview configuration to configure all code formatting settings easily.

  • Integrates with several popular IDE's and source editors seamlessly.

  • FormatCode tightly plugs into the supported applications to make use of all the advanced features that a modern development environment provides. The possibility to Integrate FormatCode into common IDEs and Code Editors is the most valuable features of FormatCode code beautifier.

Have you ever tried to manually change and beautify someone else's source code to your code formatting standards? Please try to easily beautify, indent and cleanup your source code, scripts and web pages with our powerful FormatCode source code beautifiers.

With FormatCode Code Beautifiers, you can beautify any source code to your favourite coding style!


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